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MOLD CREATOR can be used for each phase of structuring a mold: initial design consideration, considerations of cavity and core, conceptual design, detailed design, creation of drawing, preparation of data for order placement.

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CAE-MOLD presents a collection of seamlessly integrated CAD and CAE functions such as analysis of mold cooling and analysis of mold bend. CAD shapes can be used as they are on the CAD system screen. Professional CAE expertise or skills are not needed to execute the functions.

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CAE-INJECT enables resin flow analyses by utilizing CAD shapes on the CAD screen as they are without data conversion. Also, it enables confirmation of results through the same operation of CAD commands. Thus, this tool enables mold designers to improve the accuracy of judgment and shorten the lead time.

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MOLD-FORM enables designers to rectify poorly shaped portions of resin models partly due to sink and warpage through the use of the simulation results of shaping.

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CADmeister-LITE for MOLD

CADmeister-LITE enables users to input directly CAD attribute data (part attributes, machining attributes, and tolerance attributes) that have been provided to groups of parts and individual parts, provided that the parts have been designed.

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DENKYOKU-CAD provides a full support for all phases of: creating mold, considerations and shaping of electrode parts, and preparing documented instructions in order to perform electric discharge.

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DENKYOKU-CAM provides a one-stop support for all the phases from CAM calculation through to interference check after NC (numerical control) output. This is enabled by an intuitive operation of dragging attribute data that have been given to electrode models and dropping them to a subject database for machining.

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CAM3D creates data for machining curved surfaces of 3D CAD models that consist of surfaces as well as solids.

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CAM2D is capable of seamlessly integrating the features of CAD and CAM systems. It enables users out in the manufacturing field to create 2D machining paths which are used for the commands of 'Profile Machining', 'Pocket Machining', and 'Hole Machining' through simple operations.

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CAMEDIT has various types of editing capabilities. It enables users to edit paths highly efficiently through easy operations.

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CAM-ATTRIBUTE automatically creates and standardizes data for hole machining based on the 2D/3D attribute data and geometric data that have been assigned for hole machining.

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CADmeister 2020 MOLD

CADmeister2020 Version Upgrade (MOLD)

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